Current Noni Research

  • Dr. Ralph Heinicke and Afa Palu are working on the extraction and structure of Proxeronine and Xeronine. (See his patent on-line)
  • Dr. Anne Hirazumi Kim is doing follow-up work on noni and it’s effect on Lewis lung carcinoma cells.
  • Dr. Mian-Ying Wang is working on the first human clinical trial involving
    TAHITIAN NONI® Juice at the University of Illinois, Rockford. This research
    is being funded with a grant from Morinda, Inc. The study is on the “Chemopreventative Effect of TAHITIAN NONI Juice in Human Smokers.”
  • Dr E. Furusawa at the University of Hawaii has researched the effect of
    TAHITIAN NONI® Juice and chemotherapy drugs on the sarcoma 180 line
    of cancer cells.
  • Individuals have uncovered noni’s ability to inhibit the COX-II enzyme while allowing the COX-I enzyme to continue to function.
  • Scientists are also investigating the antibacterial, antifungal, and antiparasistic properties of TAHITIAN NONI® Juice.
  • Dr. C. Ho at Rutgers University is researching new novel compounds in noni.
  • Research is being done on the potent antioxidative properties of noni.
  • Researchers are investigating the toxicological, allergenicity, and genotoxicity of noni.